Backup Prison Break DVD

I have Any DVD and Clone the region on the dvd is 1 my problem is every time I open up clone dvd it says it cannot read it because it is css any answers.

Right click the fox in the quick launch portion of task bar and make sure enable AnyDVD is checked.

Be also sure to the deactivate the css- key archive in anydvd.

STill keep getting the same message that the dvd is css and cannot be copied check with your countries laws.

I made sure that the css is deactivated to.

If you haven’t already tried, insert the disk before launching Clone, and let AnyDVD access it first.
Another thing to try, if you haven’t, is to use the rip to hard drive feature of AnyDVD (right click the fox icon in task bar) , then process this file with CloneDVD2.