Backup Playstation 2 CD's?

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"…A latest news source from Japan reported that some guys had already found out a method to play backups on the PS2. Firstly, you must…

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I did try this myselve but i could not find anything that i can use as a knob to put on the disk i was spinning like hell and the disk almost flew out of the ps2…

Suggestions anyone on what i can use for a knob ???

Maybe you could use an hi-fi utility that is used to put over the audio cds while they play.
Visit an hi-fi dealer next to you.

“A latest news source from Japan reported”… sounds like something they made up themselves to impress us
This is how hoaxes start.
And what sticking a knob on the disc is supposed to mean?
By the way, aren’t the psx2 games to be released on dvd?

Well, most of them will be released on dvd, but some will still be released on normal CD’s

most of them are on cd’s now, because of the cost of dvd’s. but by the time the psx2 gets to america dvd’s might be a lot cheaper.

What is the use of this???
If I understand it we must have the original disk!
that sucks When we make copies we don’t have the original one so it sucks

I think that U need 1 orig. DVD to make a check if the DVD is original!

Putting a knob in a disc - thanks, but I have a girlfriend…

this might work… when you buy 50 cdrz on a spindle from some companies you get these shitty plastic rings. they might work…

Sounds like crap to me. Sony had this problem with the 1000 series psx, i really doubt they are gonna open the floodgate to pirates by putting the same glitch into the playstation 2.

It’s not really a glitch if you figure into the fact that you will likely burn out the motor and have to buy a new PSX2 with this trick. Hey, Sony might be better off if more people tried this!

I wouldnt be surprised if Sony put that bull out to have people actually screw their systems up… It might be their way of revenge…

Does anybody knows where I can download PSone games, so i can copy them onto a CD
and play them in my PSone console?