Backup/Playing Problems with new SONY movies


I’m trying to back up into the blue, and Click, and monster house just in case my originals go out. It seems that with anydvd and dvd shrink, then clone dvd everything backs up fine, but when I try to play it on my dvd player it will skip or not read and eject the disc.

I’m using pioneer dvr-111D newest firmware and clone dvd or nero to burn. When I play the backed up files on my HD, they are fine, but when I burn them onto the media they skip or won’t play at all, anyone have any ideas?

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Most of times, playback problems are due to a low quality disc.

What discs are you using?

Thanks for responding so fast, I’m using Great Quality discs. I’ve had past backup experience and never had any problems with them. So far, it’s been only the SONY / Columbia movies and only recently, that I’ve been having problems.

You say great quality discs but you do not say what brand. I most cases the problem you are getting is the quality of the disk, and even if they worked before you could have got some bad ones that you are now trying to burn to. I have spindles with the first 35 or 40 disk burn ok then start getting bad burns. Since going to TY disk I have not had this problem.

Ha ha, no, the brand is called Great Quality. It’s a cheap brand just look at the name. It’s being sold in a large chainstore in our area called Frys Electronics.

Thats your problem

I just tried TDK and fujifilm, same problem. I really don’t think it’s the disc which is why I’m asking on the forum.

Is there any settings or options that I might need to change in nero or clone dvd or anydvd in order to burn or rip correctly? Maybe the SONYs need some tweaking? Can anybody enlighten me on that subject?

You tried using again low quality discs.

Try again with a verbatim. Moreover, at what speed have you burned these discs?

Try with a verbatim 16x disc burning it @12x. This should give an enough good quality to your burnings.

Another thing that could cause problems is a really picky standalone. To improve compatibility, a good trick is changing booktype of +R discs in ROM, but too bad the Pioneer 111D can’t change booktype with the original firmware, and installing a modded firmware invalidate warranty.

If you don’t want install a modded firmware, the only way to improve compatibility is burning on a -R (minus) disc, again I suggest a verbatim 16x burning it @12x.

Sorry, I’m burning dual layer. Also I think I’m only burning at 12x. I will try verbaitum but i doubt that will make a difference. I think what I need is a very forgiving yet good dvd player. Any suggestions?

If you want to burn on DL discs, then you should buy only verbatim. All other DL discs have an extremely variable quality, from low to very low :wink:

Believe me: verbatim make the difference :iagree:

I will second this most wholeheartedly. Every other brand is just too iffy. Verbatim’s are by far the best. Even so, I’ve still gotten a bad batch of DL discs every now and then from Verbatim, but I can live with it.

I’ve solved my problem. It seems to be the sensitivity of the dvd player and the discs I’ve been using. I guess my pioneer is picky about which dvd it reads. Being extremely lucky, at my work we also have a bunch of dvd players for testing purposes. I tried my burned dvd on each of the player, and found that Toshiba’s cheap up converting dvd player will read through all those errors and play the disc perfectly! Anyways it’s being sold at Costco, if anyone’s interested… I will try out some verbaitum discs just to see if it works with my old pioneer, but mean while, I’ll just say thanks to Toshiba.

Verbatim usually gives good results on playback, it seems.