Backup over 2 disks - will clone dvd


Another newbie pestering you guyz

Iwant to do a backup of my terminator 2 dvd but keep top quality
Which tutorial do i use so a to keep the menus and spread the the film over 2 disks


CloneDVD 2 Using the Application

CloneDVD forum

CloneDVD can do this. Load the ripped files into the app, choose for copy DVD and select the main movie file. Now click on the scissors and select the first part of the movie (e.g. when there are 30 chapters on the disc, choose chapter 1-15) and select Next (keep an eye on the quality bar, 100% means there will be no compression). You can now select the audio streams and subs you would like to keep/remove. When CloneDVD is done repeat the process but now use the scissors to select the second part of the movie (which would be chapter 16-30 when using my last example). Good luck and welcome on board!