Backup original firmware from lite-on lvw-5007

As the title suggest.
The dvd is a ddw-451s, this should be easy by popping in the pc to backup f/w…

I am refering to the actual box itself, as I would like to save it and flash it with a newer firmware, which one would be the best for it? IT was Manufactured in October 2004 and is brand new, never used.

Would the 451@832 work on this drive? or would it be best to update to a 812s?


anyone got a link to the good firmware for this one>?


@Hunter4u - Your familiar with backing up LiteOn fw to .bin so you should be ok.

As far as backing up the system firmware - there is no way yet that I know of. Post your serial number from the setup screen and maybe somebody has it from when and if they upgraded the system fw.

Also flashing a ddw drive to a normal PC based LiteON firmware fw has not worked well. Seems to be some trouble with the tray going in and out. You can try it on the 451s and let us know how it goes, if you want.

here is the # from onscreen setup


anyone have that?

@HUnter4u - 0106-4140-0035-62B9, are you sure it’s not G2B9? I see in the other 5007 topic you just upgraded to the new 040 fw. Somebody might have an earlier firmware for you but not the 035 one which is old as you can see they are now up to 040 they way it looks. What is your serial number after the 040 update?

Edit - It’s probably 0106-4140-0040-G2BD. The G2BD is the latest fw for the 451s drive.

it may have been G2B9 instead of 62B9, me etes arent what they use to be!

the new S/N after the update is 0106-4140-0040-G2BD (013-010D)

and it is working fine after the first time to use one of these things.

not sure of how to do something, will post in an appropriate topic if I can find one in search, or just make a new post for it.

@Hunter4u - about the bad eyes, join the club - I had cataracts in both eyes. Congrats on getting your firmware updated the fist time.