Backup of Wizardry 8

I have an original purchased copy of Wizardry 8 that I would like to back up. I have been doing my research and I know that it is SafeDisk 2.51. I am using the following setup:

Clone CD
Lite-on 48125W (upgraded from 40125W) VS02

I am using the “No AWS” profile for Clone CD that is found in this forum. I have also used the standard “Game” profile. In either case, the back up will not work to start the game. It gives an “please re-insert disk” sort of error. I am stumped. Can anyone here share a success story with this one?


When playing from the Lite-On, enable Hide CDR Media in the CloneCD tray. Lite-On writers should have no problem with SafeDisc 2. You can also try playing from a normal CD-ROM. Does that work?

I could kiss you.:bigsmile:

I should have thought of that, but I didn’t. The backup now works like a charm, I now do not have to worry about my daughter using the disk as a frisbee.

Thanks for your help, you were dead on.