Backup of Wii Games


I was wondering, how do you copy wii games for backup purposes only

I’ll start by saying I know nothing about consoles, I’ve never owned one. From what I understand about the Wii, to play a backup or to backup a game you need a mod chip. Maybe some Wii owner will jump in this thread with more information, but I did find an interesting how-to over on Lifehacer that shows you how to backup your Wii games without a mod chip. You might want to give it a read.

If you only want to backup a game you can use homebrew applications to dump them wirelessly to your computer using a ftp server, or a special lg drive which I don’t know the details for.

I would explain it here but you are probably better off going to gbatemp for details on backing up and playback with modchip and without modchip options.