Backup of warcraft3

hi guys!

yesterday i found my old disc of warcraft3 and i tried to make a backup of the disc right now.

i tried the following tools but without any positive results :a

alcohol 120% daemon tools.

has anybody instructions or help for me? any tools? or tips?

thanx in advance…


Let us know which version you’ve got as the correct method depends on the version. Would also help if you told us what writer you have.

You need to rip the CD as SecuRom New 4.x/5.x, and it’d be best to have a Lite-On or Plextor Premium (gosh, it’s been a while… last time I came to this site was when SafeDisc 3.2 was JUST becoming an issue…)

Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos 1.0 is protected by SecuROM so simply using SecuROM*NEW profile for reading and writing should solve your backup problem. The Add-On (Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne) is protected by SecuROM 4.8+ and this will either need SecuROM 4.x/5.x profile I[/I] or for a TwinPeak copy use this tutorial (non emulated).

True but the game was so successful that it’s been re-released more than once. If it’s a later release than version 1.0 (e.g. v. 1.4+) then it’s securom 4.8x rather than securom new protected and the method necessary is the same as that for the Frozen Thone add-on; hence my original question.

Note too that if it’s the original v. 1.0 release, you will need a good sub-code reader/writer combo to make a good back-up copy.

Didn’t know about the re-releases and the updated SecuROM version thanks for the info.

Didn’t know the game was successful… thanks for the new info
sarcasm about the new info part, war3 isnt nearly as fun as sc

My WC3 ROC is 1.14. Is that Securom 4.8X?

Will my Nec 3520A copy it 100%?

I had the same problem long time back… What you have to do is just make an image of the CD with Blind write/ Blind Read and Mount them on deamon Tools… Basically u dont hav to make an image of reign of chaos because if you have frozen throne then both games will run from that Image :smiley: