Backup of The Last Samurai

Just discovered AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2 and they’re working great, however I have a query.

When I tried to backup my copy of The Last Samurai (without menus) it copied great but missed out all of the subtitles needed to here what the japanese/chinese people were saying. I tried to copy it again adding in all subtitles and audio languages to no avail. The original disc is fine but the copy doesn’t want to show them.

Will i have to copy the entire DVD i.e. make an exact 1:1 copy rather than just taking the main feature

Thanks in advance for your help!

I think you will find that is the way the movie made,I copied the same movie on a one to one basis and there are no sub titles.
Regards jamesr

I found this problem and it depends on which player you use to play them in. Some will automatically know when to show the subtitles, others won’t You will need to change the Subtitle settings with your remote control.

I found this problem with Kill Bill Vol.1 on my player but using the same disc on my friends machine, it worked just fine.

If you have set AnyDVD to remove User prohibited operations it removes the forced subtitles too. Take care about that!

Great thanks mac_es for the tip.