Backup of Teleatlas DX 2007/2008 navigation disc

Hi Guys, been searching on google for help with copying a disc and all I get is links to this forum :slight_smile: so you guys must be popular…

Just bought a Teleatlas DX 2007/8 disc cost me £140 so want to back it up and seems a more difficult process than I thought !

The reason I have to replace it in the first place is because the 2004 one that was in the car stopped working last summer? I tried a friends and his still works fine so the reader in the car ok. Dont want the 2007 to go the same way, could be an expensive game, so wanna use a CD-R.

Will search around on here sure I will find some good tips on how to combat safedisc (2.9 I think)

Cheers guys!

Hello morphdj, congrats on your first post, I see you’ve been a member for awhile :slight_smile:

I’ll move this to our Copy Protection forum, where this kind of problem is discussed a lot :wink:


Take a look at this thread.

p.s. I changed the title of the thread.