Backup of Spider-man 3

I purchase Spider-man 3 from an Asian web site and dvdfab gold doesn’t read it at all. I tried full disc, then movie only. All I get is a disc that flashes on and off next to the cursor. I have purchased other dvds from this web site and have always been able to back-up. thank you for any help.

Hi sharrrri
sounds like the Asian web site is selling backup copies of movies :frowning: , have you contacted them on their web site if not you should and tell them it will not play in you DVD Player.

hmmm if your drive doesn’t read it then how did you get anything on the disc you burned? Do you have another drive that you can try it in? Sounds like a media problem to me but what do i know.

stormjumper…I can play the dvd fine, it just wouldn’t allow me to make a backup copy.

rolling56…I have not burned this dvd. I tried and it will not play on the pc.

The original one you bought? I’m having a hard time understanding your problem i guess.

rolling 56…I took the dvd that I purchased and inserted the dvd to try and make a copy…the program apparently could not read the disc…it would’nt even start. Nothing happened after I inserted the dvd, it just stayed in the tray and never started the process…I hope this makes sense.

If you don’t start the program will it play? Sounds like you need to send it back.

See if you can open the disc with windows explorer and see if it has the proper files and folders inside: a VIDEO_TS folder with .IFO, .VOB and .BUP files inside.

Good idea. See what kind of files are on it if she can :iagree:

their whats known as hong-kong copys in console world. the triads etc have proper pressing machines and knock them out, their rife on ebay you wouldnt really know the difference though if u put them up side by side some of them are really authentic looking its till u look at the underside of the disk u see the shock of em :doh:

:iagree: Got one off ebay that was an AVI on a +R LOL.

I give up folks…I thought it might be an easy fix or something I was doing wrong. I’ll make a backup copying my old fashioned way. thanks to all.

movies from asia, sounds iffy to me. most likely illegal anyhow.

spiderman 3 is not due out until maybe october 2007 in the states.

rolling56, you dont seem to be your usual self today.

I’m a very unusual person :iagree: :bigsmile:

if hes not feeling himself thats cos he can probably see his hands :wink:

I still cannot find my location today :bigsmile: Oh there they are…I’m good to go now :iagree:

This sounds as if its not a legal copy. If it was a download it will not be in DVD compliant formats. This title is not yet available in the store here or abroad. I suggest you wait until someone can reproduce your problem becuase as of now you are the only person to have this title.:cop:

He is not the only one to have spyderman 3 in his hands.
It copies using DVDFab Plauinum without any problems.
Mine was hand delivered to me from Mexico City by a brother in law 6 days ago.

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