Backup of Sims Unleashed works on Acer 50X but not on Acer 36X. Why?

I managed to successfully make a backup of my Sims Unleashed CD with its Safedisc 2.8 protection using Alcohol 120%.

The weird thing is that the copy will play fine in my Acer 50X CD-ROM but grinds incessantly in the Acer 36X CD-ROM on my other computer.

Anybody have a clue what is happening here?

Could this be a problem with media dye color and or reflectivity?

Would burning a copy at a slower speed help?

Any thoughts?


So the game plays on the PC where you have Alcohol installed?
And it fails on the PC where Alcohol is not installed?

Cause that’s what happens with non-perfect SD-copies. Alcohol installs a routine that runs in the Windows background and this disables the SD protection when the copy isn’t perfect.
On a PC without alcohol, the same CD won’t run.

Ok, that makes sense.

I made another backup using DiscDump and FireBurner with my LITEON LTR-40125S for both reading and writing using the instructions in this thread and it seems to work ok. It takes a lot longer than normal to start up but it does seem to work fine once it does.

I think next I’ll try the Daemon Tools “fastdump” feature with DiscDump to see if that can make a backup that starts faster.