Backup of scratched DVD

I will appreciate any help in this problem: I can not backup an old, scratched DVD of my kids. I tried all my software, outcome: read error in all cases at point 45.4%

DVD Title: Marsu (French Cartoon)
No protection
Tried software: CloneDVD, Nero, Alcohol.

Is there a possibility to backup the scratched DVD?


i have found that (if it is css protected) then use anydvd to remove the protection, then use alcohol 120% to read it and burn it back. should work fine (well has done in my experiance)

hope this helps.

ben :slight_smile:

Thanx, ben for the quick reply. I will try the method, will inform about the result.

clean it with a soft cotton cloth as best you can…but i imagine you’ve already tried that. inside to outside not in a circular motion.

Well, there are a few tricks here. The thread is about scratched audio CD’s, but many of the suggestions apply to DVD’s too. It is also of importance to have a good reader. I can highly recommend the Ltd 163 as such.

Thanx for the replies. Ben: the AnyDVD, Alcohol120% did not work. So I will apply the toothpaste trick. Going to wash the CD. BRB.

kk, you say it didnt work? what happened. also remember that some dvds are so badly damaged they havnt got a hope.

ben :slight_smile:

Here we go:

Alcohol 120% and Nero - Disc read error (about in the middle of the disc).
DVD Shrink - Dics read error (same place).
AnyDVD/CloneDVD - …read error TCSSectorReader TCE

Though the disc does not have a protection I used AnyDVD and later tried DVD Shrink. Hopeless :confused: .

hmmm… the only thing i can think of is BlindWrite 5, just may be able to, but it isnt looking likely :sad:

ben :slight_smile:

Ben, thanx a lot for the assistance. I will try it tomorrow, now high time I went to bed. Hopefully I can solve the problem somehow.

Problem solved. To my surprise - finally - it was possible to backup a badly scratched DVD.


  1. All my burning software (CloneDVD, Nero, Alcohol120%) reported a read error.
  2. The disc has no protection, but as a last hope I tried to use AnyDVD/CloneDVD and later DVD Shrink, failure.

Before going to sleep I decided to make a last try with a software I never use, set it 1x and enter. At the critical point the driver was hissing, “fighting” but the bar went further. And the backup was done. It was NTI CD&DVD Maker Gold. :smiley: