Backup of PS2 games

Hi there everyone

I have one question:
I have a daughter that enjoys to play MY games on the ps2, and the problem is that she is not that carefull so I have lost a few games. As games cost 100 $ a piece here in denmark, its beginning to be too expensive :frowning:
I have a Dvd burner and the question is, can i make backups of my games for the kid to use ?
Have read that you need a modchip, but when you can rip and burn a copy protected movie, cant you do the same to your games ?

Most ps2 will play backed up dvd movies without a modchip but for ps2 games (cd or dvd )you will need a modchip .
As for programs alcohol and clonecd for cd based games and for dvd based any of these will do
dvd decryptor(free)
recordnow max

damn really ?
I think that is ร‚ยค%#"&%!
I pay too much for these games allready and now i cant even make a backup for a game i have bought the licence too ?
hmmm guess i better go tell my little girl that the ps2 is off limits when shes alone