Backup Of Philips DVDR3305 recordings

Hi I am trying to backup up several copies that I recorded with my dvd recorder connected to digital TV and satellite programs with no success.

I have tried clonedvd2 (with anydvd) . When trying to copy them with clonedvd2 after random percentages it tells me that it is trying to repair disk structure and after does not continue.

Any help would be appreciated :bow:

It sounds like the discs have gone bad. You shouldn’t need to use AnyDVD since the recordings won’t have been copy protected, so try ripping them with ImgBurn in ‘Copy’ mode.

If they still won’t read then maybe try to extract the recordings with ISObuster, CDRoller (payware), or ISOpuzzle (free)

imgburn did the trick. all I had to do is upgrade to the newer version.

Thanks for everything