Backup of my XIII



I bought XIII some days ago, and now I want to back it up.
I tried to use ClonyXXL and CloneCD, but my backup didn’t work.
I have read the Spath Article and downloaded the
How do I do (step by step) to make a working copy of the game?


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Did you read this thread .


Just copy it with Nero 6 (or any software), Ubisoft have put out a patch that removes the protection now, saves alot of time making a Spath copy (unlikely to work with most drives) if you do have a ASUS or Aopen drive, and still want to make a copy, read the tread Namoh suggested :).

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. Get the patch HERE


Thank you very much!
I shall try it!


You don’t even need to copy the disc now, coz the patch takes the cd check away from the game;).

Good Luck!


Yes, but if he wants a backup, I was just making the point that the protection is gone, so a backup can be made with anything.

Ben :slight_smile:


I have tried the patch, but when I’m trying to install it, it stands “Error” and something about “Main App”.

What is wrong?


Are you sure you downloaded it correctly? I say this because when I was downloading Call of Duty 1.5 patch I downloaded 6mb of something like 100mb and got an error when trying to install it.

Or it could be your files are corrupt and you will have to install from the orginal.