Backup of my old VHS

Hi - I’m a newbie, and I’m proud of it!


My daugther have a few VHS-cartoons, and since I just bought a Philips DVDR70+R/RW I thougt I should make a backup of all the cartoons.

With most of the videos there’s no problem and I get 5 or 6 cartoons on one DVD. :smiley:

With the Disney (and only Disney) videos I get the message “Copy protected” :Z

What to do? It’s my movies! I only want an everlasting backup for my own use.

Is there a way around? How can I remove the copy-protection?

Is this a newbie question - or what?

:smiley: Angel

hello newbie hhehe i mean Angelot

glad you could stop in …well those disney movies can be a bear …what they commonly use in macrovision protection …and what you need is on the link below …it does well, i have one …have not used it in awhile …


I have the first one and have used it no problems at all …I have rca inputs and S video into my pc …

hope this helps