Backup of Movie "Batman Begins" - any troubles?

Anybody here tried backing up the “Batman Begins” Movie?? A friend of mine was telling me that since it is a newer release, it does not allow backing up…is that true? How hard it is to back it up?

Thanks for feedback in advance. :cool:


I backed up Batman Begins R2 PAL UK/Ireland with AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 with absolutely no problem.

What region are you looking to backup?

Not true. AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2 = no problem (R2, German)

Region 1 not a problem at all


No problem backing up Region 4 (Australia) with DVD Shrink.

Can it be backed up using DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combination?? I don’t know what the Regions designator means - I am in California, USA, so what does that signify in terms of Region?

had no issue whatsoever ripping R1 version with DVD Decrypter…

USA is Region 1.

See above link for more info!