Backup of legititmate DC games

How do you make a working backup of an original DC game, I have tried all without success. Examining the cd shows a seperate ring on the inner circle of the cd.

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sorry to post here, but alot of traffic passes through this section daily, and I am more likely to get a quick answer:D

Original DC games cannot be copied. There’s no way to do it :frowning: Here’s why:

Original DC games are around 1GB and hard if not impossible to fit onto a standard CD-R (DVD-R is not an option since a DC player cannot read those) without leaving files of the original disc. A 99 CD_R isn’t even big enough: 880MB. And besides that, the disc has data tracks that cannot be read by a normal CD-ROM/Writer.

But why are there back-ups available on the net? Well these we’re ripped by professional groups. You need special equipment to do it…

Umm…your wrong on several accounts (1) a lot of games do not even use anywhere near the full capacity of a GD-ROM Disc and even then the audio data/tracks can usually be downsampled or movies removed to fit on one cd-r and (2) you dont need any special equipment unless you count the Serial Cable to DC adapter or Broadband Adapter as “Special”. Regardless…it is still no easy task to copy a dreamcast game, just not an impossible one.

Hmm ok you’re right there… :slight_smile: I just wanted to make clear that you cannot just copy DC games with CloneCD for example.


Its ok I have given up, I will wait until peeps pass trial versions around that I can play, and if I like buy the original WDF LMAO :eek:

It can be done but it is nasty, you have to add wires etc to the laser pick up of the DC and read the files into the pc that way. Then downsize or resample the audio and try and get it to fit onto a CD (sometimes not and easy task) and the reburn it. All in all not nice. Also remeber that the DC is no longer made and could become obsolete after the end of this year!!!

So Basically…if Your Not Into All That Break Open My D.c. An Connect The Wire Crap???..forget About It!!!

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