Backup of House M.D

Hey Guys, I could really use some help with a rather perplexing problem. I have backed up plenty of movies with no problems, but I recently started backing up my collection of House M.D. so my family could borrow them with no fear of scratches… The problem I’m referring to is: whenever you playback the backed up dvd on a standalone player it works great until the final episode starts. The video looks fantastic but no audio. This only happens on the last episode. I used DVD Fab to rip full disk and used DVD Shrink along with Nero to burn. Same process I’ve successfully I’ve used to back up hundreds of movies. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Did you change anything in Dvd Shrink or are you just backing up the complete Dvd? What are you burning to, single layer or dual layer blank Dvds? What brand of blank Dvds & what write speed? Have you checked the full rip to make sure everything plays before opening in Dvd Shrink? Feel free to add any & all other pertinent info.

I’m sorry, I knew I forgot to add something. I didn’t change anything and was backing up the complete DVD on a Verbatim +R DL. I burned at 2.4x just like always. I did check the full rip and all was normal. However I did try to watch the burned DVD with play all and you can chapter skip to the start of the last episode and the audio works. Thanks for the help…

If you are backing up to Verbatim DLs, then the following is an option for you. Full rip to your hard drive Then burn that output with ImgBurn in Build Mode choosing the VIDEO_TS folder.