Backup of audio-cd with multimedia?



How do I make a backup of Britney Spears' CD "Baby one more time"? I can copy the 12 audio tracks with no problems, but I can't get the multimedia part to work. I'm using WinOnCd v3.6, do I need another program to succeed? Or am I just overlooking something here, because I'm new to this?


It should work…
but if your have the time, try it with nero…that will do the job also.


CloneCD did the job, no problems there ;-).


well good for you!

you see you can come up with an answer of your own…why ask on a forum?


I just got my CD-writer last week, and only had a version of WinOnCd (3.6). Didn’t have CloneCD ( at the time I asked the question. That’s why. Thanks for your time anyway.