Backup NTSC Ps2 Game Prob

Hi there,

So far I have sucessfully backuped my PAL Ps2 games with DVD Decryptor which makes an ISO image and I burn that on an empty DVD-r rom.

But when it comes to my NTSC Ps2 games, DVD Decrptor won’t read the disc, it says that the dics is not DVD. So then i use Alcohol 120% it makes an MDF file. When I open my writer to pop my empty DVD in, it doesn’t recognise it. It says initializing drive, then the device status goes to Empty Disc (DVD).
So im stuck there…

btw this particular ps2 MDF file is 746 MB which is just over the size of a CD.

Can anyone help me to make a successful backup of my NTSC PS2 games? Thanks