Backup my PS2 NFS: Underground


First, sorry if my english is not very good!

I hope to find a good solution to my problem. Like my title, i cannot male a backup of my ps2 game nfs-underground (ntsc).

I’ve use Nero, Alcohol 120%, DVD Decrypter and the CloneCD Beta 5, same thing: at 99.3% i’ve got error on disk. The disk is new, no scratch.

If i check the “ignore read error”, at 99.3% he start to give me some error found but continue to read…

But to make 0.1%, this operation take 30 minutes (or 45, don’t really remember)

I’ve read some post about problem with NFS Underground, but for PC.

Any solution about the PS2?

[li]Burner: Pionner DVD-RW DVR-106D
[/li][li]Software : Nero, Alcohol, Clone CD 4, Clone CD Beta 5
[/li][li]OS: Windows XP PRO (french)
[/li][li]Memory: 512 DDR
[/li][li]PS2: V9
[/li][li]PS2: Modchip Messiha 2 Pro