Backup multi episode dvds with Pinnacle InstantCopy

just wont to no if anyone here hase are nows if Pinnacle InstantCopy will backup multi episode dvds! anyone no if so let us all no im going to give it a try i think but if you done it allready lets us all no cya:D

i’ve tried to do father ted series 3 a couple of times only for it to moan the dvd is too large to burn to dvd-r.
another topic mentioned they copied ‘the office’ ok so it may be just a once off.

i’ll try again with the reg patch to let you deselect extras.

I’ve tried it with the Sopranos season 1 and stargate season 1. They copy fine, but am having lockup problems with the last episode of each disk. Burned on a pioneer 105 using same media that has worked flawlessly with Prassi Primo DVD. I’m going to try one of the pdi2iso utilities and see if that solves my problem. Will report back if it works burning the image created with pdi2iso.

Stargate SG1 and Sopranos disc 1 now work flawlessly after burning with Prassi instead of Instantcopy’s burn function. Used pdi2iso to make an ISO image, mounted that in an Alcohol120 virtual drive (should also work with Daemon tools or Clone CD virtual drives), then used the disk to disk mode in Prassi Primo DVD to burn. Adds a few minutes to the total time, but so far no coasters.

Finally got ‘The Office’ (6 episodes of 30m +extras) to work after weeks of trying with other programs, eventually cracked it with instant copy. However did have fun and games with it - burning the pdi images either direct to the burner or off the HD produced coasters. Used pdi2iso and burnt the resulting iso only to create another coaster :confused:
However after mounting the iso onto a virtual drive and doing a dvd2dvd copy all works fine and the quality was superb. Wonder if anybody has the answer as to why only the direct dvd2dvd copy worked??
Looks like this program has a good future - lets hope the bugs get ironed out :slight_smile:

still have problems with father ted instantcopy still makes oversized copys even when i tried removing extras.

I was able to successfully burn an episodic DVD that both DVD2ONE and DVDXCOPY could not handle. DVD2ONE cannot do more than one episode at a time and, on this particular DVD, generates the “Encrypted Data Detected” error. DVDXCOPY doesn’t seem to “know” how to split the DVD properly. It wants to split episode 1 across disc two. Since there are three episodes on the original, this makes no logical sense.

Pinnacle InstantCopy had neither problem. It re-encoded the 8.2 GB DVD-9 with no issues. Menus, extras, etc… came through intact. Quality is excellent given that the bitrate was cut in half. Some pixelization in out of focus objects, but very acceptable.

Ive done 2 “Episode” DVDs so far.

  • Buffy Season 1 Disc 01, which was perfect and had no issues at all.

  • Angel Season 1 Disc 04. This one was a complete failure. IC7 didnt burn an AUDIO_TS folder on the DVDR so it wouldnt play in my DVD Player. I tried it on the PC and it worked, but the Menu was rubbish. It had no text on it so navigation was near impossible if you didnt know the exact places to click to get to the items. I tried a couple of software DVD Players and they both gave the same result - an unusable menu.

Im now trying the same DVD but with manually adjusted compression setting the menu to 100% so theres no downsampling and this time im not burning direct to disc but doing an image so I can test on the PC before the burn.

i finaly got father ted done by turning off automatic sizing but it did leave me with 400mb unused space on the dvd-r

it appears instantcopy has a bug in it 's sizing code.

I can’t find pdi2iso.Where can I get this Tool.I use IC7 and I will burn my DVD’s with Record Now Max 4.5 not with IC7.

Greetings @ all,

Originally posted by savraot
[B]I can’t find pdi2iso.Where can I get this Tool.I use IC7 and I will burn my DVD’s with Record Now Max 4.5 not with IC7.

Greetings @ all,
savraot [/B]

its on the forums, check here:


FWIW, I did a Spongebob DVD for the kids. 10 eps w/o any problems

Newbie here.

I have successfully copied a DVD9 movie to DVD5 with the following programs.

DVD2ONE 1.1.3

I thought I had everything figured out until I tried to backup a SpongeBob DVD for the kids. The multiple episodes are creating problems. I can make a DVD+R that works but it only has one Episode.

Can someone explain how to copy this type DVD onto one disk-if possible, and list the programs required. Please use terms that I would understand.

Is there a guide out there???

Thanks in advance!


I’ve used these tools very successfully to backup my Sports Night episodic DVD’s… 7 30-min episodes on each disk.

In DVDDecrypter, use File mode, make sure you copy All Files.

In DVD2One, choose Full Disk.

Make sure your files are in a “VIDEO_TS” file… or perhaps Nero will do that for you.

You should have no problems after that.

Thanks for the help. I will try DVD2One and look for the full disk menu and see if that helps. The problem I had with using DVD2One after Decrypting was that it could only see each indiviual epsisode. There was no VOB that contained all of them- like on most movies.

I actually got it to work a different way last night.

  1. Decrypted with DVDDecypter.
  2. Used IFOEDIT95 to stirp out the added Audio streams and created new IFO files. (Followed someone elses guide).
  3. At this point the file went from 6.63GB to 5.6GB, so I had to compress it in order to fit it on a DVD+R
  4. For some reason? DVD2One was now able to see one large VOB file (which contained all episodes) and I compressed it down to 4.34GB
  5. Burned with Nero.

Great usable copy.

You won’t see the “Full Disk” or “Movie Only” choice except on the latest version of DVD2One.