Backup mp3 to audio cds

hi,i need help on this…i have a folder of mp3…and i need to put all mp3 in audio cds.any software can do it?like backup in cds,the software just ask to put blank cds…thanx in advance and sorry about my inglish!

keep the good work!

Try Burrrn @

i will try…thanx!

dont work…

i need a program like nero to do a backup of mp3 files and convert in audio files,just put the cds on and the program do the rest…like nero backup…the software tell-me how many cds i need to do the job.
please help…

socrats, tim is right, burrrn does just that, and really well too.
do we maybe not understand you right? can you explain a bit
further? dont worry about your english …

greetings - heinz -

This sounds like a pretty bad plan.

If you burn all your mp3s to audio CDs for a backup, you are limited to 80 minutes of music per CD, and if you ever lose your collection, you would have to re-rip and re-encode each CD, taking up your time and leaving you with worse quality music. Why not burn the mp3s to a basic data CD as backup, then if you ever lose them you can just re-copy them to your hard drive and have exactly the same files?

so…i’m dj and i use to play with cd players reading mp3,but now i want to put all my mp3 in audio bcz i have a dual cd player but not read mp3…i need a program like nero do when backup files telling how many DVD’s needed…

no idea why this is here - sorry

socrats, BURRRN will tell you how many minutes the MP3s will cover on a CD,
and on every CD it is written (80 mins for a 700MB for example) how many minutes
it fits. so where is your problem?

but also see mssg above: converting MP3s into WAVs (which is what you will have
on a CD then), considerably lowers quality. how this then can be used by a DJ,
you should think about too.

greetings - heinz -