Backup MiniDV casette and include metadata

Hello. [text copied from my forum post on VideoHelp].

Here is a page from a Sony MiniDV camcorder:

During video recording, some metadata is being stored, that new AVCHD/HEVC camcorders unfortunately do not record.

In my opinion, they should record metadata from all sensors and GPS too.
The gravity and gyroscope sensor enables accurate post-editing digital
video stabilisation, which does not need any additional CPU resources
(battery energy) during video recording.

However, the MiniDV camcorders recorded specific parameters in the MiniDV metadata track (does it have a specific name? “Subcode”?)ExposuredB light sensitivityaperture size (mostly F1.8)(not sure) focussing status(not sure) OIS lens position in all axisseswhite balance status(not sure) whether the settings have been performed manually or automaticallyStatus of external hardware such as flashlight, if mounted to device.Recording time code.Date and time, which was set to the device during video recording.410

Is there any way to digitally back up the video from the MiniDV casette and include all metadata? What is that way?