Backup Jedi Knight 2- Jedi Outcast



Hi everyone. I'm having a lot of confusion about trying to backup Jedi Knight 2 with Clone CD.
I've read here (& used Clony XXL on it to confirm) that it supposedly doesn't have any CD protection. But When I ran Nero's CD Scanner program on it using a Lite on 52x LTN 526 I got
98.52% Good sectors & 1.48% damaged.
(I'd provide the picture but I don't know how to here in in this forum-the IMG prompt wanted a web address)

I've tried the ClonyXXL settings & normal Clone CD gamecopy selections in Clone CD AWS turned on & turned off.
I've got a Asus 4012A, & tried different media but when I run the CD scan from Nero on the Clone CD backup of Jedi Knight 2, it appears different in the green "good" & "damaged" yellow sectors everytime,& I cannot get the percentages to match the original image.

If the two images look different in Nero's CD scanner & have different percentages of good/damaged sectors,does this mean it's a failed copy? Even if it installs fine, what I mean is will it not work on a later level?

How do I set the write settings in Clone CD for Star Wars Jedi Knight 2,please?


The game is not copy protected. Just use the cd copy function in nero to make a working copy.:slight_smile:


if your copy of JK2jo has some bad sectors try this to enable clone cd to burn it.

open Clony XXl and then goto the toolbar open

CCD settings—