Backup Imager Checker

What is the best way to check a copied image of a game before trying it on a cd. I have a virtual drive, but how exactly will that help? Would I still have to install it from the virtual drive? I just want a quick, easy way to check my images before I make new coasters for the living room.

what do you mean by “checking an image”???
just want to check it about data-corruption or what do you want to test exactly???

I just want to make sure that the back up is valid before wasting cd’s. What ways do u check to make sure that you have a good copy? I guess what I’m saying is that I dont want to install with the backup just to make sure that its a good copy. I’m hoping that there’s a quick way to check.

AFAIK there is no way to check if your backup is ok without installing it. But you don’t need to waste cd’s, just burn to a cd-rw.

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