Backup help needed

I have had major computer problems over the last couple of weeks which has resulted in it crashing and loosing all my programs. I have downloaded Acronis True Image and followed the instructions to make a back up of my system which i can reboot with if the computer crashes again. I hoping that i will never have to use it but if i do Im not 100% sure it will work. The backup program has all gone on one CD but i have about 6GB in the memory is that right? I will be honest Im as thick as a plank of wood when it comes to computer issues and before i start asking for advice on how to get this thing fixed i want to be sure i have a reliable backup.
I have a C drive and a D drive and only the C drive is used would i be able to copy all my software, programs and make an identical copy on my D drive in case it crashes again. That way at least i could get the think working again even if i had to start it in safe mode.

Im really looking for suggestions on my best course of action and if possible some instructions on how to do it.

The idea of having two or more partitions is so that you can keep the OS on one small partition by itself so that if it becomes buggy you won’t loose the files on the other partitions.

Are you saying that you only have 6GB of free space on one of your two partitions or both partitions. If it is the total free space that could be your problem. If it is the free space on one of the two partitions try transferring some of your large files to the other partition.

I haven’t tried the Acronis True Image, but a friend recently purchased it and tells me that it works quite well. If you have followed the instructions you should be fine.

Having said that, computers remind me of the movie “Westworld” where the catch phrase was “nothing can go wrong…go wrong…go wrong…”.

I have two drives each has 180gb but everything is on one at the moment. The 6 gb is the total which is used.