Backup Help! - Cyclic Redun error

Hello all, I have recorded some TV programs on dvd with my yamada 8400x dvd tv recorder.

I now want to make duplicates of these discs as the copies have been requested by some friends.

I try and copy the files to the pc - I get a cyclic redundancy error.

How can I backup these discs - as i think the few errors on the disc are causing problems for copying the vob files. I tried clone dvd - same problem.

As these DVD video players just skip past such sectors - are there any programs i could use to achieve a one to one backup - and ignoring the bad sectors - or is there a setting in clone dfvd to allow me to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


You might try VobBlanker or iosbuster. I think you can find these on

Thanks for the info.

How about blindwrite? is that also good for this kind of situation?

you can try also
-unstoppable copier
-bad copy pro