Backup hard drive

Hi. I’m looking to buy a hard drive or some kind of storage to buck up my computers at my house. attached to network or computer and share on my network.
any good brands to look at? any info
thanks Donnie

I have used Western Digital Mybook in the past. I have a few in place to backup art files. I formatted the HD as soon as I got it as the software that comes pre-loaded stunk. I have Veritas licenses but didnt want to waste on on this so I spent about $70 on Norton back it up and it works very well. I have a schedule built so that Every friday night the system is incrementally backed up. I have not had to do a recovery yet, but from what I have read on forums, this software is pretty reliable for the price.

I have used various revs of Acronis True Image (Home?) for several years now. Backs up and restores your entire C: drive (including system). It has saved my bacon several times (crashed, corrupted drives). I also use it to archieve other data drives and various installs of operating systems so i don’t have to re-activate every time when I try installing other software apps.