Backup game has very long loading time -PLZ HELP!

I recently backed up my copy of initial d for ps2. I used DVD Decrypter to rip it and also to burn it. I burned it at the slowest possible time wich i believe was 2.4x. I used a verbatim DVD+R on my TssTcorp dvd burner. I also make a copy of another game and it too had a very long loading times. Im using swap magic on a slim v12 ps2. I was reading a thing on book keeping or something that made the ps2 thing the DVD+R was a DVD-R but DVD Decrypter doesnt support a Tsstcorp burner. Can someone please help? Thanks!

Probably your media and writer combination is not the best (to be honest, Samsung + Toshiba never produced any realiable burner, so no wonder) Give a try to another media (Verbatim 8X -, TY) and see what happens. Also remember if there are bad lasers on the earth, then PS2 lasers especially the slims are those. :smiley: So before burning out your PS2 lasers, try other media. And slow speed usually does not result in better burns, especially when you use today’s high speed disks/writers. Booktype has nothing to do with your case, it’s good for better media compatibility when the DVD+R cannot be identified, but any PS2 above V4 could identify the ‘plus’ media with no problem. And the booktype cannot help on your bad burn quality…

regards, Stephen