BackUp Friendly DVD Players



So, ive decided to return my new Sony 5 Disc DVD changer becuz it cant play backups to save its life… My question is what are some good brands out there that play pretty much everything and on pretty much any disc… I know Apex is good, but if possible id like to get a little better than that… so, toshiba? jvc? rca? sylvania? etc? if people could list some id really appreciate it… thanks in advance…



Top rated in consumers is the Panasonic S47 for single play - or the Panasonic F86 for multi-play-



Try Panasonic or Pioneer. Just bring the problem DVD with you to the store when you go shopping for a new DVD player.


I would highly recommend the Philips dv642. From what I have researched and read, it will play anything. Unauthored mpeg’s, and divx included.


one of the best reader standalone players I have seen is the cheapo magnavox I bought at sams club for 39.00 it reads just about everything DVD-R DVD+R DVDRW I was quite suprised with it’s performance.


Depends where you are for the generic types. For example here in the UK Pacific DVD players are made for Asda, this is the make a number of my family have and they play anything so far, as long as I don’t use Roxio to make it, these start off at £24.

I have a Philips Dv634, mid range, which has played everything from realy crappy burnstar that came out a year or so ago (though amazingly they still work) through Bulkpaq, GO4/5, Datawrite Red tops (don’t know the dye),basically it has recognised every disc I have put in it, though Tango took two goes to work. one of my friends has a Bush entry level player and it plays most things too.


I have a Pioneer that’s 7 years old and it plays everything…everything.Pioneer is the best…period


Thier are lots of players that do a good job (particularlly with newer models) but if maximum compatibility is important to you, you might want to look at one of the divx compatible players. It’s not that divx is specifically important but the players that play divx, xvid etc. are specifically designed to be burner friendlly and play anything. There are not to many main stream ones but if you want to see some that are avalable, go here
Check the divx/xvid/mpeg-4 box only and hit search. Further, it is a good place to check out a player if you have a specific one you are looking at in general.


Philips is not reliable and full of bugs that you will experience using it.
Check here the playback capabilities of standalones:


I have a 3 yr. old Toshiba (and an Apex) that plays everything from MP3’s to all my back-ups burned by liteon and NEC drives + and - media. Never a problem, wouldn’t hesitate to buy another, as a matter of fact, I’m looking at a Toshiba with HDMI connections for my new HD TV.


AVOID Denon like the Plague… my nice and shiny expensive Denon 2800mk2 might sound and look nice, but it’s pants at playing anything slightly “non-original”.