Backup failed(!) :-(

Using the Nero 6 backup software, I was trying to backup my music collection (111Gb) to DVDs, which would have used ~25disks … and I received a “backup failed” error message several seconds after inserting the 24th disk …argh!!!

From what I can tell, all files were successfully saved to prior disks (uncompressed), and the last disk implies the last file was a *.nc_ filetype. I have not yet found a way to recover this backup task because the ‘nbi’ file wasn’t saved.

This has been 7 hours of attention to the task. How can I recover what has been accomplished and continue??? Whatever advice would be extremely appreciated!!!

tia … shAf :slight_smile:

edit: I should have mentioned I’m using the 6.3.10 distribution of Nero 6 (package #1), and that the backup had thusfar not set any of the archive bits (…damn!..)

I’m still waiting for Nero support to reply, as if they might have a remedy or systematic method, or recovery utilty. In the mean time, and by way of bumping this query, let me ask …

How do I set the archive bits for defining and beginning another similar backup, but will archive only those files which were not archived previously??

tia … shAf :slight_smile:

Is there a better place to find help with Nero??

tia … shAf :slight_smile:

Try mailing this guy. He works for Nero tech support and is a member of this board that regularly contributes, you might get an answer more quickly.

Well … I tried. So much for Nero support


I am sorry to hear that, he is very responsive on most other problems i have mailed him about.

I noticed his other posts, and thought the ‘non-response’ was strange too. I suppose I am left to believe Nero’s support believes there is nothing that can be done, and that any response is not going to help.

It’s too bad as I thought Nero’s BackItUp was essentially the only application which addressed DVD writing, which didn’t also have a reliance on someone else’s packet writing drivers. I was looking at buying more licenses!!!

As important as is the integrity of archiving, I would have assumed Nero would be intent on failure analysis as it pertained to this particular product … and helping their customers. That said, I have yet to hear from directly accessing the support via the internet, and would have called their 888 pay-as-you-go help line, if I had any confidence I’d not be wasting my money.


edit: I should also add (if nero support is interested) I did find the log file which documents the previous disc writes and the subsequent failure (… some type of ‘power calibration’ error …). All Nero need do is express an interest, and indicate who wants it and how to deliver.