Backup every StarForce 3 Game

I have just discovered a way to backup all starforce games. Here is a description how to do this.

The only condition is that you play the backup through a usb 2.0 device.

I have tried splinter cell 3 and Silent Hunter and Toca2 (all patched to latest versions) with this method and every backup played flawlessly.

Do the following to get a working backup:

  1. Get the latest version of Alcohol 120%

  2. Make .mds and if you cant make one D/L one

  3. Make a Full Image of game you want to backup

  4. Burn a backup using RMPS

  5. Activate RMPS emulation

  6. Diable all IDE CD/DVD drives

  7. Insert your backup into a USB 2.0 CD/DVD Drive and play!!

There are some games like Obscure or Kill swich that will need more things than disable only optical drives.
I would like to know how SF nightmare is capable of patching IDE drives and blacklists like Starfucker. Anyone?

Is this the same with DVDs? Ive tried it with Splinter Cell CT, and had no luck.

And is it ok for the SF drivers to be installed when you create/burn the image?

It works for both dvd and cd format. The problem will be to make a good MDS file to emulate with alcohol 120% or D-tools+SF nightmare/starfucker.

starforce nightmare and starf**ker does not work with the new version of starforce the only way to get a BACKUP WORKING is through a USB 2.0 DRIVE!!! and it works with any DVD or CD starforce protected game and you have to disable any OPTICAL IDE drives you may have it.

I have read elsewere it works with scsi optical drives as well but I cannot confirm this as I dont have access to any of this eqipment.

Can someone verify that my homemade .mds file is good enough for a backup?

Thanks (27.9 KB)

well, even if this works at the moment - i would not call it a breakthrough - emulation of starforce was possible several times before; the question is: how long will it last this time, until SF ‘actual version + 0.1’ “blacklists” this method of emulation…
in this case, they only have to release a game-update with the newer SF version integrated and that was it…

No problems with it merther02, It should work well. :iagree:

SCSI devices break SF detection of optical IDE drives; in my case I run my backups from a toshiba and a pionner SCSI dvd drives with the help of some tricks of emulation
But the most interesting thing is try to make good images in order to use them to build working minimages for general use and some day for working 1:1 backups.

I know im asking a lot of questions here, but will the Lite-on DVD SOHD-167T used through a IDE to USB convertor be ok to run the backup?

There are external cases that will allow you to convert internal devices into external for USB, Paralel port…like Hard disk drives.



would like to know how SF nightmare is capable of patching IDE drives and blacklists like Starfucker. Anyone?
–end of quote–

Because SFN/Starfucker works in the same way SF work. It gets admin rights, scan ide and modifies access blocking SF original optical disc check. Since SF cannot work with a debugger (Sice for example) cause SF works on ring0, and therefore only debugger/SF can work at once, the same “trick” is done with SFN. SFN takes access and goes first, so SF must work over SFN, and not prior SFN.

Good luck!

Ok I think I have understand some things where I had some troubles. :wink:
I will have to take SFN and learn all its content better.

I can too confirm this works for the latest splinter cell!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pardon the ignorance. When you guys say USB 2.0 drive, you are refering to an external DVD/CD drive connected to the PC via USB? How does one disable all IDE CD/DVD drives. I have alcohol 1.9.2 (build 1705) and have a bulid in DVD/CD-ROM drives /IDE\HL-DT-ST_RW/DVD_GCC-4243N plus the usual alcohol virtual drive. If I get an external USB 2.0 drive, how do you go about diabling the drive?

I would like to try this out on my Soldiers - Heroes of WWII disk. Thanks a bunch.

When you guys say USB 2.0 drive, you are refering to an external DVD/CD drive connected to the PC via USB?
Yes we do.

How does one disable all IDE CD/DVD drives.
One pulls out the IDE cables from the sockets.

I have alcohol 1.9.2
I suggest you get the latest version (1.9.5).

Id suggest you buy a IDE to USB2 cable and buy an a cheap dvd-rom drive.

What about SCCT v. 1.01!!! They’ve updated to a higher version of SF 3. Does the USB solution still work?

Yes, it does.

hi all

i have read it somewhere :
the new version of starforce blacklist rmps with raid and scsi… so no chance to play with such equipement… the only way is to use USB2/Firewire
but how many before the fantastic creators of Starforce “patch” this hole !?!?
Morglum007 can you confirm this ?

And now SFN or Starfucker doesn’t work anymore with new versions of Starforce… a new version could bypass the new starforce engine ???
is it possible ?


i’ve Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for only 2 days and i don’t have an external dvd, so is there a small possibility that you can do as told here but not with an external dvd but just with an image (emulation)?

no because you don’t own the game… :wink: