Backup Empire Earth with Alcohol

I have been trying to backup Empire Earth (the original) and have been very unsuccessful. First I made a backup that wouldn’t install and now I made a copy that installed fine, but it won’t play. It does nothing when I go to start it. I read it from my DVD drive first at Max speed and later at 8x. I burn at 4x. I don’t know what to do please help.

I am using:

AMD athlon T-bird 1.33
Asus Motherboard
256 DDR pc2700
TDK Velocd 12x
Pioneer DVD
Alcohol 120%

Empire Earth is protected with SecuRom New v-

If your still using Alcohol 120%, then use your burner to read and select the Securom NEW profile (not Securom NEW v4.X).

Hope this helps.