Backup DVDs will not play

I am having problems with all the dvds that I am copying, from movies to TV series. I downloaded the newest versions of ANYDVD and CLONEDVD2 after xmas and since then the dvds will not play. I can see that the dvd has been burned and the program tells me the burn is complete but then when I try to play it, I get an error on both the computer and dvd players that the auto run is not present or that the disc is blank. I have uninstalled the programs and reinstalled w/ no change. I uninstalled the dvd burner and reinstalled and still no change. I am hoping that some one can help me as I had to repurchase the program because I had lost the key and to continue to use the program I had to purchase a new key. But since the new version it has not been working. I used this program for almost a year with absolutely no probs and now I am just so frustrated w/ the results of no copies and wasted money, I am almost ready to give up and try another program.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

Hi and welcome to the forum

What burner/firmware do you have? What media do you used? Do you have DMA enabled?

OK now I will have to admit that I am NOT a computer geek (but i sure do want to be :slight_smile: ) I have an HP Pavilion custom built but all HP and original drivers etc and I hate to admit it but i dont know what DMA refers to. The media is varied from inexpensive to a few discs from a friend who says is of better quality. I have used many in the past and I have to say I must have been lucky because I had very few errors or probs for a year.

download nero cd-dvd speed. the top drop down panel will tell you your burner and firmware.

the disc info tab will tell you the media ID of the discs you’re using.

also, what speed are you burning them at? never use the “max” setting in clonedvd. always set for the rated speed of hte media or a notch below for poor quality media.

Sorry, in my previous post I forgot to post also this link for DMA :slight_smile: