Backup dvds pausing



hello all hope that someone can help some of the dvds i back up have skips or pauses in them when i play them back i use dvd shrink and nero some pauses are only for a second or two others freeze right up one dvd this has happened with is Hotel Rowanda there are others this is the most recent though and it ticks my wife off something fierce can anyone diagnose the problem


It’s from either a bad burn or a picky player, although it’s almost certainly from poor burn quality. The usual cause is from a combination of: bad media and/or a bad burner, poor firmware with poor compatibility with the media, burn speed used. There are other possibilities but those are the typical issues.

What kind of discs are you using? What burn speed did you use? What is your burner model and firmware version? - To find out burner model, firmware version, as well as other info, download Nero CD-DVD Speed. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can also test the discs you’ve burned for readability and quality, as well as checking a disc’s ‘media code’. The media code will tell you who actually produces the discs, as most discs are not made by the brand name they’re sold under.

Post the disc and burner info and we should be able to give you further advice.


i downloaded nero cd dvd speed now if i just knew how to use it


ok here is some info drive is NEC dvd rwnd 35401a firmware is 1.01 hope that helps


Yeah that helps, now tell us what the brand and media code is of the discs you are using, to check the media code put the disc in the drive and click on the ‘disc info’ tab. For example, RITEK G05, etc. Also, what burn speed did you use?

NEC burners are good, with modified firmware they will burn most media you throw in them decently.


In my experience, screen savers, virus scanners, or other activity during the burn process can contribute to this.


the discs i use are manufacturer comes up as CMC the code is CMC MAG and i burn at 8x speed


With decent firmware support, your NEC should have no problems burning them. I’m assuming they are either CMC E01 or CMC AE1. It’s also possible that the player is picky about burned media, for example occasionally players will skip/stutter with DVD+R media, although bitsetting it to DVD-ROM usually solves that. Updating your firmware will allow you to bitset +R discs.

I would suggest using a version of ‘Liggy and Dee’s’ modified firmware, they are members of this site and they release good firmware to get the best performance out of your drive. Here’s the page with the FW versions for the 3540 - I’d suggest first trying the newest FW on there, try ‘Liggy’s 1.04 bitsetting, fast’. Updating FW only takes a few seconds and a reboot. This will improve burns of various discs, allow bitsetting, faster reading of discs, etc.


I don’t know if this will help, but in the options check to see if it’s set to remove the layer break, otherwise the slight pause from the original (if dual layer) may be transferred to the backup.