Backup Dvd's aren't playing correctly

Hello, :slight_smile:

I hope someone can help me. I am new to burning Dvds, I bought a program called DVD Cloner 5 and I downloaded DVD 43, as my friend suggested. I copied 2 movies and when I play them the voices and the picture don’t match up. :confused: It’s a one-click program, I don’t know if there’s something else I need, or if I’m missing something.

:DThank you for any help.

Sorry to hear you spent money on that program. It is not well regarded around here. And DVD43 isn’t effective on many newer movies.

You can make good backups of your movies using free tools. It just won’t be a one step process.

First off, download DVDFab HD Decrypter. This is the free section of DVDFab. Be aware that as you use the free part you will be using up the free trial of the main section, but the free decryption/ripping section will continue to work even after the 30 day trial. Use this program to rip the movies to the hard drive.

Next, get DVDShrink. It is free to download and use. This program will reduce the movie’s size to fit onto a regular single layer dvd. DVDShrink can be used as a one-click program also, but only for dvds that have minimal encryption. It won’t work as a decryption program for many newer movies. So you can try it first on a movie to see if it will work. If not, then decrypt and rip with DVDFab HD Decrypter, then use Shrink. I strongly advise reading the guides at mr.bass’s site for using DVDShrink.

DVDShrink will output to a finished dvd ready to burn to disk. You can use any burning program capable of burning dvd-video…such as Nero, but a free one is ImgBurn. Highly recommended. Look through the guides on burning dvd video with it at the ImgBurn forums:

If you absolutely have to have a one click solution, I’d recommend using the free trial of DVDFab and go into the main section of the program rather than just the HD Decrypter part. DVDFab is updated regularly to deal with new encryption as it appears, but it is a commercial program, so you would have to pay for it. And for yearly renewals.

Thank you so much for your help, I will do what you said, and hopefully it will be okay. Thanks again for all your help!