Backup DVD to .AVI convert to .TMV




I require assistance please. My wife has a Truly 602 mp3 player /video/radio/usb drive.

I am trying to figure out how to back up a dvd movie … convert this movie to .AVI (because the transcoder that comes with the mp3 player wants to load an .avi file type.)

Then this transcoder is supposed to convert the .AVI to a readable format for the .mp3 player.

However, when I try to load the .avi file result from using dvdsrhink then converting the dvdshrink with IMtoo to .avi … the truly transcoder keeps telling me unsupported file type. Well in the drop down menu its either mpeg or avi for file types. So I can never load it into the transcoder.

The computer I am trying to do this on is a brand new Dell XPS core 2 duo with vista.

my friend thinks its a codec problem. I do not know much about codecs other than what he told me which was be careful a lot of them have spyware with them. So now im nervous. I dont know if I DO need a codec pack or if I just dont know what im doing (since im new to this).

Any assistance with my newbieness would be greatful.


K-lite Mega Codec Pack available from

No virii so far :iagree: