Backup DvD question

I backed up a movie it won’t play in my bedroom dvd player, but It plays in my living room dvd player and in my pc dvd player. What would be the cause of this?

All the dvd players are able to read the backup, but the bedroom dvd player shows a sony pictures screen then goes to black screen. :a

which blank do you use?

maxell +R media

Some dvd players are kind of picky. Did you use bitsetting to make the +R disk look like a dvd-rom? That can increase compatibility.

What burner did you use?

Some Taiwanese made Maxells aren’t particularly good. The Japanese made ones tend to be better. You could also use Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks (found online at shops like or Verbatim 16x +R.

all the dvd backups i have done so far have worked with my maxell media with no problem… i was just curious what could cause this. Not to sound silly can you explain bitsetting Kerry56 :slight_smile: thank you

my friend has tv-dvd combo,non of my backaps works on his dvd player(3 diferent media types) if you have manual from your dvd player cheack wich media it supports.

my dvd player plays all types of + - R and RW… i have burned many backups now in both formats. This is the first time i have had a problem.

Try to clean the surface of you burnt DVD disc may be your bedroom DVD player is more sensetive to dirt.

Here is a slightly old article from here at cdfreaks about bitsetting:

Some newer dvd drives will bitset +R disks automatically and some will only do it automatically for dual layer +R disks. Some can have modified firmware to add bitsetting, as the article states. And there are software solutions as well. ImgBurn for example can adjust this setting for several different makes of dvd burners, such as Samsung, LG, NEC, Lite-On and others. And there are other tools to achieve this, depending on your burner. Which is why I asked which burner you are using.

I think you need to bitset them to DVD-ROM format then they will work as that is what all bought DVD’s are,Then they will play on any player :bigsmile: