Backup DVD help

I think I poted this in the wrong forum. If so, I apologize as I am new and not to tech savvy.

I have tried to find the right info before posting but just don’t get it. Please be patient and gentle with me. LOL. I have a reasonably new computer with Windows XP. I tried to make a backup copy of a workout DVD (P90X) for my wife and the only option was to play it. It has DVD burning capability.


  1. How do I find out what protection it uses?
  2. Is there a free and safe download that can get passed the protection so that I can backup the dvd?


Thanks Jimbo!!

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It’s gone now ? maybe Taxman deleted it as there was a guy listing all kinds of stuff for sale

Ahhh, possibly a spam thread, there’s been a few of those today. You’re probably right, Tax or one of the other Admins/Seniors probably got rid of it. :slight_smile:

Maybe as I PM’ed Taxman and told him about it, it was from a wholeseller who had a heck of a long list of stuff selling, Thanks anyway for responding about it, have a nice day :bigsmile: