Backup dvd error

Hello everybody. I’ve been trying to burn a dvd onto these matrix dvd+r dl medias. They’re only 2x and I’m using a nec 3500ag. I used dvdshrink to make an iso image and then used gnome baker to burn the image onto this media (I’m using linux). I tried this several times. Out of 6, two actually completed the burn. But the two didn’t work in my dvd player. Is it possible that my dvd player doesn’t read dvd+r dl dvd’s. It doesn’t say that it does in my manual but I thought this is the media that Hollywood uses. But that’s just a guess. Or do you guys think it’s the quality that I’m using. I hear verbatim is the way to go, but I read the reviews before buying this media and they were mostly positive. What’s everybody else’s take on this?? Should I give up and go back to using single layer or give a good quality dvd dl a shot?

The NEC 3500 AG is a dual layer burner…I suspect the media you are using is at fault. Try Verbatims when it comes to DL burning, don’t waste your money on anything else. You might also want to make sure that your firmware is up to date.