Backup dvd does not play in my ford freestar minivan

SORRY for the late correction on this

Standard DVD’s are DVD-ROM
so use DVD+R and put a check in the box next to "set booktype to DVD-ROM(DVD+R media only"
in commen settings on the write settings page


When i used vso inpector it said that I do not have the ability to read or write to dual layer dvd. I called plextor and they said with plextools I can booktype the drive. When I used the vso inspector it says that it is type dvd video which I hope means dvd-rom. This booktyping is independent from the program. It is done with the drive. I wrote it in to the firmware. My question is whether or not I need to also set the program to set the media booktype to dvd-rom. I asked plextor and they said I do not need to but I just set it to booktype to dvdrom. I burned the dvd and we will see. I am still using the sony disks. Plextor also said it could be the media since it is only one player not playing. My next move will be to use nero.

still no luck!! Tomorrow I will buy verbatim

I used dvdfab platinum clone to write an iso file to the hard drive and then I used iso burn rom to make a dvdrom off of the image on my hard drive. It still does not play----guess I will have to try verbatim. Any other suggestions?

Some electronics have a chip that will not allow them to play burnt DVDs. These chips will eventually find their way into computers. I have been reading a lot on ZD Net and the big discussion has centered around how Vista will handle those chips. I hope that is not your case, but don’t be surprised if there is a chip to prevent the burnt discs from playing.


Or maybe to prevent blank discs from burning.:eek:

Hi again xraymarc,

Unfortunately, “dvd video” does not define booktype. I’m not that familiar with vso inspector, but I don’t see where it displays book type. Maybe someone more familiar with it can clarify. I think all that’s meant by “dvd video” is that it’s MPEG-2, etc. To confirm this, I tried a few discs, both DVD+R (not bitset) and DVD-ROM (previously DVD+R and successfully bitset to DVD-ROM), both were displayed as “dvd video”.

I would not attempt to bitset with more than one utility at any one time. I’d recommend checking the booktyped discs with Nero CD-DVD Speed…just click on the link in my sig if you don’t have it. At least then, we’ll know if your bitsetting has been successful. I can tell you that Fab, as much as I love it, was never consistent with booktyping for me (for other users, I guess it’s been fine).
I’ve always used Liteon or Benq utilities and never had a problem.

Here are two screenshots:
#1 DVD+R (not bitset)…and very old… :bigsmile:
#2 DVD+R (successfully bitset to DVD-ROM)

BTW, definitely try the verbs as most of us suggested… :wink:

Also, we need to remember that booktypte/bitset does not make a true DVD-ROM, but tricks player into thinking that DVD in player is a DVD-ROM. All true DVD-ROM are pressed discs like the old records some may be old enough to remember, but groves are so close together they cannot be seen with naked eye and they are enclosed in plastic.


I finally got it to work with the suggestions in this post----thanks everyone!!! I used verbatim dvd+r certified for 16x with a write speed of 4x using dvdfab…I only made one backup but it played flawlessly. Thanks again for the tip. I could not believe the verbatim is so superior to the sony dvds.

Marc that is great news!:clap: I am also glad your player didn’t have the “phantom chip” (if it even exists) that can smell the azo dye in a DVDR:) . Thanks for posting back with the good news. This forum is a great place for help and support. Don’t be a stranger.

Yup, congrats on the successful burn.
May there be many more in your future… :cool:

These guys here in the Fab forum are awesome. :clap:

WELL Guys another job well done makes ya feel good dont it :bigsmile:

Another option is to buy a new van !!!

Hello GregiBoy
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If you reply to a thread is always a good “Idea” to read the whole thread before making a reply :doh: if you read his last post you will see that he has the problem fixed.
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Post the brand name and model number of the player.


Hi Mack are you still asleep or ME :confused:
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I probably was, but would be nice to know brand and model numbers used in Vans because they are usually a brand name that may or not be owned by the company.


Hey, Mack. And whether it was factory or aftermarket player.

my dvd player was factory. There is no name on it at all.