Backup dvd does not play in my ford freestar minivan

I have been using dvdfab platinum to backup my childs dvd. I use a plextor 708uf dvd burner and all the backups work fine in my home dvds but will not play in my minivans dvd. I have used both + and - dvd r. Does anyone have an idea what I can do to have the dvd backups read in my minivan. It keeps ejecting the dvds saying bad disk. Thanks for your input.

Finding and maintaining a happy marriage among your burner, write strategy, blank media and multiple players isn’t always easy. As you’ve discovered, what works in one player frequently acts up or fails completely in another.

First off, I would ask what media you’re using? and how fast are you burning?
If you could post the MID (media code) it would help.
You can obtain this with Nero CD-DVD Speed (just click on the link in my sig if you don’t have it).

Not knowing much else at this point, recommend you try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. If using +R media, be certain to bitset to DVD-ROM.

You also may want to try using +RW media (no coasters and see if changing the booktype helps).

Hope this helps.

If you have Nero on your computer, try this. Take the copy you made and re-copy it with Nero and see if it works in your van.
Let me know if this works, which will let all know that the newer Fab products have a problem with their lead-in writing. Look at my post on this item.

the player in the van will only play ROM format.
it will not play + or -.


You can booktype/bitset +R media so player will recognize it as DVD-ROM.


can you booktype a dvd that was already burned?

No, unless it is +RW which I think can be set afterwards.


I have a combo VHS & DVD in my motorhome which had problems playing backup copies but after I switched media to Verbatim disks it will play everything with no problems so it could also be the media you are using (maybe) :slight_smile:

There was a thread here recently about DVDFab not setting the booktype properly. I have also found that to be the case with my LiteOn drives. To set the booktype, I have to open the LiteOn Booktype utility and set the disk’s booktype before I burn the disk with DVDFab.

I just thought I’d mention it here to advise everyone not to rely on the booktype setting in DVDFab preferences. Check the booktype with Nero CD-DVD Speed after burning the disk to insure DVDFab sets it properly for your drive.



the media mid is sony d21—I changed bitsetting to dvd-rom but I also burned at 5 to 8x with the plextor 708uf firmware 1.12. I also made the read of the original faster than 2.4x. Plextor has a method of bypassing that speed if you are reading css copy protected disks. I ran the nero cd/dvd and is said write strategy was 4x. Does that mean if i burnt faster I would make a coaster? Please help

I also use Sony D21 disks with two LiteOn SHM-165H6S HS0E drives. I have DVDFab’s write speed set to “Recommended” (whatever that means). DVDFab’s VSO engine indicates it is writing at aproximately 10x. When I switch to the external Nero engine, it indicates it’s writing at 16x.

Nero CD/DVD Speed always says the write strategy is 4x when I check the disks. I’m not sure what the relationship is between that and the speeds reported by the burning engines.


well my burner can only support 8x max. Are the verbatim disks much better? If I do not use recommended in dvdfab and set burn speed for slowest speed will that help?? I can not get my burns to play in my minivan–please help

Get some Verbatim media, turn on bitsetting and try a burn at 4X; if that works, try 8X. “Recommended” almost always results in burn speeds that are too high for me. The settings above play fine in my Audiovox car player. And yes, the Verbatim media is much better in the opinion and media scans posted by hundreds of users.

let me ask you this if the burn speed is too high could that make it play in some all dvd players except my van. Do you do media scans on a blank dvd or one already written? Also if the disk is rated at 16x can’t I burn at 8x with no problem?

will a dvd still play in a player with some errors on the disk?

Does the player have a name and model number? If it is a Ford, I think they bought out Phillips. If you get the name and number do a google search and you may find what media is compatible with the unit.


Hi All,

There have been numerous discussions about burn speed on this forum. I use verbatim disks and always burn at 4X. No problems!! :clap:

I tried to burn at 4x with the clone and it still does not work. The dvd manuel says no dvdr media—only standard dvd and cds. So do I have to make iso files and then use nero dvd-rom

Clone mode burns from an ISO temp file, so it will probably amount to the same thing, but try it anyway. I can’t believe this player can’t be tricked into playing DVDR media. You mentioned that your burner only supported up to 8X burn speeds, which probably means it is several years old and the firmware may not support bitsetting. Download VSO Inspector from their website (it’s free) and see if it reports the burned discs as DVD-ROMs. Also check for a firmware upgrade for your burner. Was the latest failure on the same SONY blank media? Have you tried Verbatim yet?

I believe standard dvd are DVD-R
In commen settings on the left side click on “write” to open the write settings page

Select SAO writing for the "Write Type of DVD-R Media (not Packet Writing)
Also put a check in the box next to "Set booktype to DVD-ROM

Also on the read settings page
may want to try un-checking the box for “READ AHEAD OF CACHE”