Backup Data CD being read as Audio

I have used Clonecd to create a backup copy of a protected PC game disk using a Pioneer DVD_103 to read the source disk and a LG CED 8080B to burn the backup.
This has worked fine and the backup CD works if I use the the LG to read it, but if I put the disk in the Pioneer it starts Media Player but does not play anthing. In Windows Explorer it shows only a 1kb file called Track.cda
I have tried in another PC and it to only shows the track01.cda

This is not a problem as such because I can use the LG if I need to use the backup copy, but if I need to change the LG or the PC for any reason the backup will be useless

Can anybody explain why this is happening and if it can be remedied so that I can create a backup that can be read on any CD-Rom

It is now 01/03/04 and no repliies/help so I take it nobody out there has had this problem then