Backup creates duplicate files

When I use Nero Backitup to make compressed backups and then I restore the backups, I see that my documents folders, and who knows what else, all have duplicate files, the duplicates apparently being compressed versions of the original file. So what I end up with is a lot more files that makes my folders look cluttered.

I though compression was done on the fly and then simply uncompressed during backup. Why do I have to keep all the compressed files.

How do you people deal with the situation?

I don’t quite understand exactly what you are doing. You have made a backup and that went fine. You are restoring from the backup for what reason?

Do the extra files you see have a .bak extension?

I backup folders such as documents and downloads, to a dvd. I use compression. Now, when I restore those backups to my pc I see that I have extra files that are compressed versions of the originals.

For instance, I backup a file of File type JPG Image File, Name
Photo_dcp. Now, when I restore that file to my pc I end up with File type JPG Image File, Name Photo_dcp and the duplicate is File type Nero Backitup Compressed File,
File Name Photo_dcp.

I just occured to me that maybe this is what happened…
I backed up the file with Nero Backitup which compressed it to DVD. When I restored it, I did NOT use Nero Restore, but instead opened up my Windows Explorer and draggged the compressed folders back to my hard drive.

So, I think my problem is my inexperience. Sound like thats what happened?

It is not advisable to compress the files during backup I rather to store and restore in one to one bases. When you compressed the file to be backup then when you restore that you have to do decompression again which complicate the process unless you have well reliable backup program,.

Sound like thats what happened?

If you are just dragging the file in, probably yes.

I was thinking possibly you had the options set to not erase the original file, but just make it into a backup copy and leave it in the folder. It would have the .bak extension.

If you can’t see the extension, you can change that under folder options in the control panel. Uncheck the “Hide extensions of known file types” option. The original file would be [I]Photo_dcp.jpg [/I] and the other one might be [I]Photo_dcp.bak[/I]

As TCAS was saying, compressing files, expecially image files, might lead to a loss of some data. If you need to compress because of storage limitations, I suppose you have no choice, but you could do it other ways if storage space wasn’t a concern.