Backup crashes unreal 2... need help! blindwrite used

running with 256 ram, asus motherboard - AMD 2100
2.8 ghz - windows xp - 30 gig HD what do i have to do to get this f’n thing to work also have geforce4 ti4400… OK heres my problem, just got done using the tutorial (credit to PFITZ thanks man) NOW KEEP THIS IN MIND , The original disc has been installed and then uninstalled. MY first attempt to install backup disc failed, the install option was greyed out ( so it wont install) it does this with the original cd too! are there known bugs, would a patch fix this…or am I SOL
:bow: help me please! thanks :bigsmile:

hmm … haven’t come across that before but it sounds like it wasn’t uninstalled properly.


Definitely hasn’t been uninstalled correctly. Almost certainly there are registry entries remaining which will need to be removed before you can re-install.

OK< heres how i fixed it, windows xp, system restore went back a couple days, and now im fine… windows reinstalled everthing like it was before. UNREAL 2 still doesnt copy.

you oughtta be usin twinpeaks and clonecd - it’s the only method that appears to work for securom :slight_smile:

more info HERE <- credit goes to philamber