Backup/copy Wii software DVD

I got a Wii and a few software two months ago. After playing the games for months, the surface of the Wii DVDs (e.g. Wii Sports and Smooth Moves) become scratchy and read errors happen more frequently now. I tried to make backups of them with Nero 8 and CloneDVD (that I have) but none of them work.

Can anyone tell me which copying software can copy Nintendo Wii software?


In order for your Wii to read backups you have to have it modified with a chip. This will void your warranty.

you need an sd card

you can make copies of your wii games but it’s a long process first you have to install thew hombrew channel

thenyou have to downgrade your wii software if you have 4.0 to 3.2 this video explains the process

next go over to chscool8 gudie on youtube

look at the description where it has the pack of files you need

then after his guide take a look at the step by step gudie to copy games play it and your good…it’s gunna take a long time took me a whole day to finnaly get it