Backup copy of motocross madness 2

i have Clone CD and Perfect Copy. i am trying to make a backup copy of motocross madness 2 and when i go to perfect copy it is telling me that it has SafeDisc r5 on it and when i try to copy it with perfect copy and clone cd it will not go

any sugggestions can help thank you

Here’s a suggestion: forget Perfect Copy and use ClonyXL instead. PCC is outdated and it will not give you the correct ettings for all protections. You can d/l ClonyXL from

Please let us know what ClonyXL says so we can help you further!

I tried using clonyxl and i got the same error when trying to copy motocross. i get a bad sector reading and it will not copy. any more suggestions


Bad sectors are very normal when copying a SafeDisc protected game. I just advised you to use ClonyXL to determine if it’s protected with SafeDisc 1 or 2. If your game is protected with SafeDisc 2 you’ll need compatible hardware to copy the game!

Please let me know.

Ps. If the game has the normal SafeDisc protection just enable the Fast Error Skip option in CloneCD and start reading. There are a few hundred errors in the first 10.500 sectors of the disc. After these first 10.500 sectors the game should be error free.

For more info on SafeDisc 2 check out this article.

i will try using clony xl and enabling fast error skip and see if that helps

thanks for all the help so far

any more suggestions would help